To own something from the past that reflect it’s time and brings it’s qualities to enhance the present

Hello and welcome to Prometheus antiques. We are an  art and antiques website with the aim to provide fine, original, quality, items for all and of every period and style. Here you will see listed our complete range of objects to peruse and cogitate at your leisure. All items are fully described with photographs and measurements, but if there is anything you want to ask please contact us, we are here to make the online purchasing of art and antiques as rewarding an experience for the buyer as we can.

So enjoy and, I hope, fire your imagination.

Prometheus antiques is the brainchild of myself Richard Byron-White, having worked in the antiques and art business for many years I could see that the online market place was becoming highly important in deed the most important place for the future of the business. I wanted to have a website where I could display and talk about my objects in the most interesting and effecting way and here we have it!


I have only ever wanted to buy and sell things that interest or appeal to me and every item here has had to pass this scrutiny and the checks and standards I hold everything up to: is it unusual? Is it original? Has it a life and a patina? Is the fundamental design appealing? And many others. It is therefore my profound hope that every item listed here will be something worth having! That will enrich your home.

Antiques and art have been my life, from Sunday outings with the family as a child to the great houses of the country, my interest grew into a Saturday job in an antique shop, to managing an antique shop, to having my own business, with a brief hiatus for a classical archaeology degree. It scares me to think that I now have over twenty years experience In this business, but I still count myself as young! Well youngish.

I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in many areas of the business, including, art, pottery, furniture etc and many contacts including the ability to get more or less anything restored as long as it is worth restoring in the first place.

I have worked as interior decoration advisor for many costumers and am a recognised an expert on the history and styles of interior decoration, indeed I have worked on countless period theatrical productions as historical adviser.

Well that is more than enough about me and my ethos. Let the objects speak for themselves…



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